What is Ionic?

Ionic is a plug and play, end to end solution comprised of customizable isolated asset pool infra, supported by a comprehensive security monitoring and failsafe system, neatly packaged in a robust SDK.

With features such as leveraged liquidity, yield compounding, veToken mining and yield optimizers, combined with unrivalled asset support, the SDK offers extreme efficiency via a tiered pool structure for any DeFi and TradFi protocols.

Ionic takes a novel approach to asset management, establishing a system that both embraces the permissionless nature of blockchain and preserves the need permissioned pools as well.

What are Ionic tiered pools?

Ionic tiered pools are multi-tiered system that allow anyone to create customized and isolated pools for lending and borrowing of any asset. Pool creators have the flexibility to modify various parameters (interest rate curves, oracles, collateral factors, etc.) according to their risk appetite.

Why isolated pools?

Isolated pools allow the isolation of risks to individual pools and groups of assets. The risks of assets in a specific pool won’t affect assets in other pools or the broader protocol.

Isolated Pools vs Non-isolated Money Market Platforms

Non-isolated money markets like Compound and AAVE have a limited set of assets that can be used for borrowing and lending – new assets need to be approved through governance. Since all the assets are pooled together, the risk of a single asset can impact all the assets within the protocol. With isolated pools, any protocol or DAO can create a new pool for any group of assets, allowing for a broader variety of assets to be used as collateral or to be borrowed.

What is the ERC 4626 token standard?

ERC 4626 is a contract standard for yield-bearing tokens issued by Vaults or other protocols. Extending the ERC-20 token standard, ERC 4626 helps in standardizing vaults. All applications built on top of ERC-4626 vaults work with all other yield-bearing ERC-4626 vaults, enabling easy integration.

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is a collection of open-source token incentives and governance infrastructure using modern and modular solidity patterns. The two major components of Flywheel are the core incentives engine and ERC20 token utilities.

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