Ionic pools

Ionic is a semi-decentralized open interest rate protocol built on EVM compatible blockchains.


Ionic enables anyone to instantly create and deploy their own lending and borrowing pool.

The protocol allows users (individuals, protocols, DAOs, institutions) to choose all of their custom parameters and isolate risk, rather than using a large lending and borrowing pool on other platforms.

Pools can be made semi-permissioned or completely private depending on the creator's preference.


By default, 10% of all interest paid by borrowers or earned by lenders is distributed to the treasury.

Permissionless Lending and Borrowing Tier 1 pool

As Uniswap is to permissionless trading markets, Ionic Tier 1 pool has permissionless lending and borrowing for blue chip assets which is partially fueled by idle liquidity from tier 2 and tier 3 pools, to maximise capital efficiency and bring the best rates for both lenders and borrowers.

Semi or Fully Permissioned Tier 2 and 3 pools

If there is an asset that has on-chain liquidity, it can be supported within Ionic pools via a pre-built or custom oracle, to allowing communities to leverage exotic assets with appropriate security measures in place.

How does the Ionic pools compare to other protocols?

The nature of Ionic completely removes the need to lobby to money market protocols such as Compound Finance or Aave. Generally, newer tokens to the ecosystem have a very low chance of being listed on these large money markets given their possible risk to the rest of the pool.

Ionic allows for isolated versions of Compound Finance which provides users' with full range of composability with their digital assets and the financial freedom not seen in the traditional banking industry.

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