Forex Markets & Non-US Centric DeFi

Since Ionic enables pool creators to set up custom and isolated pools with a variety of supported assets, the platform can have multiple Forex markets running simultaneously across multiple chains.

Therefore, the pools enable users to:

  • Collateralize Blue Chip Assets For Native Currencies: These pools allow whitelisted users to utilise their blue chip assets, such as wBTC, wETH, BNB, MATIC, and many others, to borrow their native currencies without selling their original assets.

  • Explore Non-USD Markets: Users can also explore other markets without reliance on USD-based tokens. This also creates an inclusive ecosystem where users can deposit their non-USD tokens as well and borrow other key assets without taking the USD stablecoin route.

  • Enable Forex Trading: Ionic pools enable seamless on-chain Forex trading with a variety of assets.

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