Liquidating positions is a core aspect of any borrowing and lending protocol. We offer functionality to fetch potential liquidations, as we as to actually run the liquidations.

While we run our own bots for ensuring that liquidations occur smoothly, users are also incentivised to the same, as every liquidation might be a healthy source of profit, since each liquidation comes with a liquidation incentive.

The source code for the liquidation bots we run is fully open-sourced, and it leverages heavily the SDK. Users are welcomed to fork it and run their own liquidation bots.

Check it out in our monorepo.

Gathering Liquidations



  • signer: ethers.Wallet: a wallet from which to run the liquidations

  • supportedComptrollers: Array = []: a list of supported pool addresses. If empty, all pools will be checked

  • maxHealthFactor: BigNumber = utils.parseEther("1"): filter positions by their health factors

  • configOverrides?: ChainLiquidationConfig: configuration for the supported input and output currencies for the liquidation and other parameters





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